Friday, September 28, 2007

Mounting DBus. Nothing is sacred anymore....

In the next release of libferris (due out $DATE) there will be initial support for mounting dbus. Not everything can be mounted effectively, but interaction with simple APIs is very easy from the command line :)

DBus methods are callable just like postgresql functions. I also added the option to use the [] bracket pairs to call a method so that you don't always have to escape a call from bash.

Command lines can get longish with descriptive service and interface names.
fcat dbus://localhost/session/org.freedesktop.DBus.Examples.Echo/org/freedesktop.../org.freedesktop.DBus.EchoDemo/Random[]

But one major advantage this has is that you can use the file manager to browse a dbus filesystem. Of course you can then drag and drop a full method name (because its just a url after all) to the shell to add some arguments and whack return.

Handling the stranger input/output argument pairing is something that will be delayed until I actually need to do it. Wallet/Code patches welcome as usual ;-p

So there is now one fewer things on the list of things that libferris can not optionally mount.

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