Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Trees, a forrest, some falling and an ear

Well, my desktop machine is now starting to actually work again after updating it to Fedora 9. "A charmer for the ladies" is the best description of the time trap that was... and still shall be for a few weeks I imagine.

I don't recall any previous fedora being as painful to update to. And then there is the kde4 issue, which I knew about before hand but didn't expect the outcome to be as it has become. So, the issue that finally forced me over the edge in a past GNOME release, not being able to fully hide the panel, was in fact the starter to drive me away from KDE, atleast as my desktop shell. I still love the apps of KDE4, I just use something else for my panel and desktop shell (no candy treats for guessing which wm/shell is at the core now).

It is a shame, I updated to the beta1 of 4.1 and somehow managed to get KDE wedged into a state where it just didn't want to start anymore. even with the old .kde that I started off with. hmm. Though the compositing and kwin stuff is very nice... fundamental things about panel interaction are just not there, or are rather hidden from the user, like being able to rearrange the icons in the panel.

And so it goes that another blog post has fallen, another rant was cut short in mercy for the wasted electrons.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, i've been reading your articles in and i enjoy them a lot, keep the good work.
btw try opensuse 11 i use it as my default linux distro an kde 4.1 works like a charm.

ps - about filesystems what is your favourite?
pmsoliveira at g