Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Automounting for the People

Now that the bad pun in the title has been read, you can't unread it!

So, now libferris has some closer HAL integration. Of course, some might say right away that ferris has been able to mount dbus for ages, so why have an explicit hal:// filesystem. The reason is that the fdo methods in the raw dbus interface for HAL are very coarse, and by explicitly having a hal:// and a volume manager daemon you get some interesting possibilities.

When the daemon can't work out what to do, it runs a nice little wizard:

One you choose how to identify the volume, you can tell libferris what to do:

More actions will arrive in time. I particularly like the auto copy mode, if a usb stick is readable at 20mb/s, a local scratch RAID-10 at 200Mb/s it makes sense to start moving the data to the scratch RAID right away and then pick it apart from there rather than from the USB stick directly.