Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Didn't your n810 come with an accelerometer?

Shown below is a video of the forthcoming 0.1.0 release of libsixdof with a wiimote. I have hacked up maemo-mapper to have initial support for libsixdof, I'll have to clean up the patch before letting other human eyes see it's nastyness :| I decided to use the C++ sixdof API which means there is a single C++ source file in my build of maemo mapper, it was just faster to get it coded that way. Perhaps I'll convert to the libsixdofc ANSI C API before sending the patch.

Didn't your n810 come with an accelerometer? from Ben Martin on Vimeo.

Although libsixdof supports other 6-degrees of freedom controllers too, getting those controllers to work on maemo is a little more of a challenge. For example, I would love to use the portable spacenavigator usb device with maemo. Even though most folks have the USB cabling to hook up the unit, and it gets detected by the n810 when you have USB in the right mode, getting XInput events from evdev on maemo might be another battle. It is not like that part is trivial on a desktop distro either right now unfortunately. I might end up hacking support for direct /dev/input/foo kernel devices into libsixdof to get around that issue and have "real" 6dof devices working under maemo.


EIPI said...

very cool!

Kaloyan Danchev said...

I have a spacenavigator and I would like to use it to control Canola in my car (like a Car-PC) is there a way to map the spacenav to work az a mouse or to map the original n8x0 harware buttons to the spacenavigator?