Tuesday, September 1, 2009

n810 and gphoto

After noticing that gphoto is not packaged for maemo I did a bit of digging, seeing sad news from those who tried getting it going. But I thought I'd try with 2.4.6 to see if things are better now.

For those who want to tinker, see my packages. The library came across OK but gphoto itself uses a newer debhelper, so I just plucked the binary itself into the repo. If you want to use this with libferris, then expand the additional libraries into /usr/local/lib/ferris/plugins/context on the device.

I found that once USB mode was set to host, I could see the camera with gphoto but as reported in the past, there were frequent crashes. This is really unfortunate as all the blocks where in place for the command I was chasing:

# ferriscp -av \
gphoto://Canon.../DCIM/102CANON/IMG_2442.JPG \

Most of the time using gphoto locks everything and about 5-10 seconds later the device restarts. I might have to hunt for a newer kernel for diablo... or wait until I have gphoto support on an n9 (nn?), a P+S wifi camera, and a decent data plan...


Attila Csipa said...

Take a look at the links in this post, the will at least solve the lockup problems.


monkeyiq said...

Hmm, reverting to OTG mode right after gphoto2 works ok for listing and getting a single file with gphoto2. Unfortunately it seems there is a race on there to revert to OTG before the device "notices". So using libferris I could copy an image over but there was enough delay after reading through gphoto and the script ending (and thus going back to OTG) to crash the device still.

As uploading to the web will also add time to the operation, the race will get you for sure. Unless I force it back to OTG inside libferris itself...