Sunday, November 8, 2009

Improving the CLAW!

Clawmotia is a MythTV remote using edje and Qt. It works well on maemo, desktop and other devices. It requires a MythTV Web setup to talk to. See previous posts for how to set it up.

I got rid of the rendering artifacts on maemo, added hotkey support (volume, fullscreen) and some of the buttons on the main remote screen now bring up submenus. This paves the way for more advanced remote control configurations where intricate but rarely used controls are still available on the remote. For example, aspect ratio and image fill are unlikely to be needed on a well setup MythTV installation, but they are in a submenu of the remote should they be needed. I know the backgound for the submenu panel is not really nice, but with the drop shadow and pan in effect (which also needs tweaking) you can easily see it's a submenu.

Grab it here. I've included the x86_64 and armel binaries as well as the edj "edje" file. You'll need QtCore and qedje and you're in business. For the mameo you'll still have to make a menu shortcut yourself, and of course, see the README.

Better artwork very welcome. If you have skills, I should be able to take an xcf file and turn out a theme. Conversely, take a look at the edc file and you shouldn't have much trouble adding/removing buttons and changing the images.


Aaron J. Seigo said...

in theory, this should work with plasma "out of the box" as well with the qedje ScriptEngine in kdebase/workspace.

have you tried that?

monkeyiq said...

Nup not yet, though that would be quite cool on a two monitor setup. Especially if you setup an "activity" so the background etc on the second screen was nice and dark when on the mythfrontend dekstop. I'll have to dig into how to fire up edje files into plasma. Feel free to use the precompiled one on the tar.gz to give it a whirl there ;)

It does require one or two methods in the C++ binary to actually send commands, which I imagine would need porting to a data engine or other place for it to fully function in plasma.