Monday, November 1, 2010

CRUD, metadata, indexing and Trees, please

For those in Australia who want to hear about libferris and doing interesting things with data using a everything is a file paradigm then you might like to drop by OSDC later in November and LCA in Brisbane in late January 2011. Both of these events will include a session with me talking about not only strange but also hopefully interesting and useful things you can do with your data using libferris.

Examples include mounting flickr, facebook, youtube, gstreamer et al. Just "cp" your image to upload. With gstreamer just "cp" from the camera on the n900 to your web service of choice. And heavier data manipulation like interfacing with SQLite and XQuery to get at any data the filesystem exposes such as these web services, berkeley db, relational data, dbus, running applications, composite files etc. I might also throw in some ODF processing such as using document forms to edit postgresql databases through virtual documents. Though what is in the main talk and what is in the post amble at the pub is yet to be delineated.

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