Sunday, February 12, 2012

A time for Akad-au-me?

At LCA 2012 I was talking with one or two folks and the idea of a KDE miniconference at LCA 2013 came up. As I thought it was a worthwhile idea to bring Qt/KDE folks down under I sort of threw my hat in the ring to be the "local" aussie organizer for it. I say with quotes because the event in 2013 is 1000+km away from me anyway. I'll gladly defer the glory for this idea to those who suggested it save the issues and criticisms for myself.

Anyway, I thought I'd throw it out there on the k-planet, see if I should try to get onto the KDE-ev or where/if folks on the KDE side would like to further discuss the plan. My ideas involve using the official one day mini conf for KDE talks including some lightning intros to make sure everyone can put an hydrocarbon image to the @nicks and maybe using the Saturday &&|| Sunday after the event as a hackfest or two to get some stuff done. Normally the dorms for LCA are available through the sunday arvo (not that I'm an expert), so the hackfest weekend idea has some logistics help already.

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