Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pragmatically unlocking an n9, possible?

I have in mind an app to use RFID over the NFC hardware on the n9 to allow the phone to be unlocked by an RFID tag. This way the password can be nice and long for locking the device, but I don't have to interact with the virtual keyboard in order to use the phone. If the phone locks, I just tap the RFID tag to it, it unlocks, and I'm away. Yes, two phase would be a logical next step, but that assumes that the "lock" on the phone is very hard to break.

Reading the RFID on the n9 is the simple part, I have that working fine with physical keys. Unlocking the phone is proving not so simple. I was hoping that MeeGo::QmLocks::setState would do the trick, but it is not to be so as the API docs explain.

Anyone stumbled on a way to unlock the n9 from a program?

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