Monday, June 18, 2012

More ARMses my precious!

Following up from my previous post using "openssl speed" to test the performance of little ARM based Linux machines, I now have OLPC, Cubox, Pandaboard, Xoom (Tegra2), and the little TP-Link 3020 (400Mhz) unit. Given the price of the 3020, it is quite a nice little computing device. The main limitations are 10/100 nic and 32mb of RAM. The Panda and Cubox numbers were generously contributed by suihkulokki in a comment to the last round of my numbers. It makes sense for the n9 to be faster than the others, since speed is a critical factor for such new phones.

Moving along to the Digest speeds below, it is interesting how well the sha1 speeds hold up for the tp-link device. And conversely how strange the numbers are for the Xoom running Tegra2/ICS. The suspicion is that the compiler plays a major role where too...

Hmm, Beagle Bone, Marvell 2Ghz ARM from a device like the QNAP TS-419PII would also be nice on the charts. hardware also accepted ;-p~~

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