Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Save Ferris: Show some love for libferris...

Libferris has been gaining some KDE love in recent times. There is now a KIO slave to allow you to see libferris from KDE, also the ability to get at libferris from plasma.

I've been meaning to update the mounting of some Web services like vimeo for quite some time. I'd also like to expand to allow mounting google+ as a filesystem and add other new Web services.

In order to manage time so that this can happen quicker, I thought I'd try the waters with a pledgie. I've left this open ended rather than sticking an exact "bounty" on things. I had the idea of trying a pledgie with my recent investigation into the libferris indexing plugins on a small form factor ARM machine. I'd like to be able to spend more time on libferris, and also pay the rent while doing that, so I thought I'd throw the idea out into the public.

If you've enjoyed the old tricks of mounting XML, Berkeley DB, SQLite, PostgreSQL and other relational databases, flickr, google docs, identica, and others and want to see more then please support the pledgie to speed up continued development. Enjoy libferris!

Click here to lend your support to: Save Ferris: Show some love for libferris and help kick it


maninalift said...

I wish I could donate more. I was on the verge of donating a much larger amount to you perhaps a year ago, but then my baby girl came along which is awesome but means my money is not my own anymore :¬)

I think libferris is awesome and I would love to see further use of it in KDE.

I would be happy to set up a (small) regular payment if there is a way I could do that so now and then you could afford a new mouse mat.

I would really like to contribute my own time and do some hacking but I have so many projects, I know I would fail.

monkeyiq said...

Congratulations on becoming a family man!

Thanks for your donatain :))

I'm not sure how to go about getting tighter integration with KDE other than what I've been doing over the last year or so - hacking on making them friends purely from the libferris side.

I don't think you would fail at hacking libferris ;) The easiest way to contribute patches to libferris would be for specific plugins. Like adding support for using a new web call to one of the existing web plugins like flickr, vimeo etc.

The web interfaces are also a spot which are likely to be fairly easy to get into hacking on. I'm tempted to rewrite the Web interface using node.js on the server side and maybe some other widget or framework on the client side than YUI. I'd have to re-evaluate the web toolkits again to see if there is anything new and snazzy.

Unfortunately much of this week's brain storming has been on how to widen the exposure of this campaign.