Wednesday, June 8, 2016

libferris 2.0

A new libferris is coming. For a while I've been chipping away at porting libferris and it's tree over to using boost instead of the loki and sigc++ libraries. This has been a little difficult in that it is a major undertaking and that you need to get it working or things segv in wonderful ways.

Luckily there are tests for things like stldb4 so I could see that things were in decent shape along the way. I have also started to bring back the dejagnu test suite for libferris into the main tree. This has given me some degree of happiness that libferris is working ok with the new boost port.

As part of that I've been working on allowing libferris to store it's settings in a configurable location. It's a chicken and egg problem how to set that configuration, as you need to be able to load a configuration in order to be able to set the setting. At the moment it is using an environment variable. I think I'll expand that to allow a longer list of default locations to be searched. So for example on OSX libferris can check /Applications/ as a fallback so you can just install and run the ferris suite without any need to do move setup than a simple drag and drop.

For those interested, this is all pushed up to github so you can grab and use right now. Once I have expanded the test suite more I will likely make an announced 2.0 release with tarballs and possibly deb/rpm/dmg distributions.

New filesystems that I've had planned are for mounting MQTT, ROS, and YAML.


Russell Stuart said...

> you need to get it working or things segv in wonderful ways.

Maybe it's trying to tell you something - you need to rewrite it in Rust.

monkeyiq said...

So the cool kids moved from javascript to go and now rust ;)

prokoudine said...

"Optional but very highly recommended: gimp 1.2.1"

Um, er... :D

monkeyiq said...

I suspect modern gimps will work just as well. I think that is the version of gimp that was current when I added the code using gimp. Out of interest I dig around and this is used to allow libferrs to load xcf image files.