Sunday, May 18, 2008

How now is soon?

Well, the main libferris site has now moved to And there was singing and dancing etc.

In other news, the maemo port is getting a little stronger. The db4 indexing modules can handle indexing about 15-20 music files / second on the device itself. Of course search is nice and snappy, but the lack of prelinking problem still remains slowing down actual process spawning. Ferris can now be compiled without Xalan-C which brings its footprint down a little on the device. Still a few other things I might trim off to make things a little nicer on limited hardware. The debs still weight in at about 6.3Mb which is quite chunky for a device with an initial filesystem size of 256Mb.

Still, using a forked child process an app can quite nicely fire off many index searches and sidestep the prelink issue after the initial exec() is done and dusted. Still no panel integration stuff but the fun begins once the port itself works acceptably. Mounting the GPS anyone?

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