Monday, May 5, 2008

libferris for the n810

So the virtual filesystem that mounts XML, db4, postgresql and even emacs now runs on the n810. There are some initial performance issues, Nokia seems to have decided to drop prelink packages which were in earlier maemo distros. This is quite annoying because small apps like ferrisls actually spend more time in the dynamic linker now than running on the 810. Nothing that can't be fixed with prelink on the n810 and maybe GNU Hash linking style as well. But these things are annoying because it means you have to probably replace your binutils on the device and install prelink from a third party repo (mine, most likely).

But the glory of running XUpdate XQueries on the n810 is still there. Federated indexing from the device instead of the "lets index everything in a static manner" that seems to be the MO for maemo apps at the moment.

I've not tested the mounting of flickr/23hq from the maemo build but having ferris on the 810 should let me integrate "send to" flickr items in application context menus. Once I get the performance issues under control then such handy integration will be on the cards.

Now all I need is a mokophone with 32gb of flash for media (I can dream eh?) so I can taint it with libferris as well.

I'll probably start a target for embedded ferris soon so that more server oriented things like XSLT and XQuery can be trimmed out to provide a smaller footprint VFS/Index solution.

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