Sunday, March 1, 2009

Like talking to a stranger

Now that I'm on planet Linux Australia too I thought I'd write up a brief howdee post. My main open source project is libferris which is a virtual filesystem with metadata extraction and index+search functionality. It also does a bunch of other interesting stuff, but as I've been writing it for what is getting close to 10 years now, one would imagine it has a few facets.

I mainly package libferris for Fedora and maemo because these are the platforms I tend to use it with myself. A while ago I did some packages for openSUSE and Ubuntu, but its hard to keep motivation for those when I don't use the distro personally. Plus on modern desktop or servers, stuffing ferris on a virtual Fedora machine isn't much of a hassle, given the price of even DDR3 RAM.

I'm also trying to stuff libferris itself into the main Fedora repository. But we'll see how that goes.

If you want to hear about libferris and other filesystem crack then you should come along to this NLUUG event in May. I'll be there presenting libferris and what I think the intranet metadata and search stuff should be doing (and probably will be doing in the libferris world) over the next few years.

As my blog description states, my posts are mainly about libferris but also include maemo stuff and generic C++, XML, RDF, and relational database topics. I seem to waffle on unmerciful about indexing, or so I've been told. Which is hardly surprising given the chunk of libferris devoted to implementing filesystem search through various techniques.

Also, if anybody is looking for user space virtual filesystem hacking or index and search work, then drop me a line :)

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kk said...

This is great stuff!
Are you still working on this project?