Sunday, March 22, 2009

Packages for maemo and Fedora 10!

So, long story short, the place I was hosting my maemo repository was on a host at the university I did my PhD at. The server has been suffering unpredictable hardware issues so I have now moved the repository. There is a new subdomain where I'll be putting up some libferris related stuff, including packages.

In particular, the new libferris maemo repository is now up.

Also note that I have binary rpm files for Fedora 10 in both 32 and 64 bit at OBS.

1 comment:

yerga said...


Have you considered upload your packages to Extras [1][2].
In the Maemo world isn't "the right thing" create personal multiple repositories.
The main reason is: what happens if you tomorrow leave the Maemo development and your repository goes offline or something, the users will suffer it. Also it's far better have every package in the default repository, it even comes preinstalled in the application manager.

Please, don't take this comment as a rude one but as a recommendation ;)