Sunday, April 12, 2009

Keeping it sorted with libferris

Click through for the 720 HD version...

Sorting directories with libferris and ego on multiple metadata values at once from Ben Martin on Vimeo.

This is the libferris file manager, it is called ego.

Although the interface looks quite simple, there
are context menus associated with most things.

There are also a vast number of sidepanels for searching,
filtering, bookmarks and editing metadata and tags.

Today I'm talking about sorting.

Of course, you can click a column to sort by it, and
click again to reverse the sort.

You can also set that sort order to be the default for
this directory, or the entire filesystem tree rooted
at this directory. Subdirectories will inherit settings
for a tree but can explicitly override them too.

You can also override what ordering you want for each
column, like using the version sort of ls for any column.

If you sort on something with many files having the same
value, you can append another column to the sort order.
For example, sorting by image width, then by file name
for files that have the same width.

You can sort by any number of columns. This is built
into libferris, so you can sort on many metadata fields
with ferrisls or any libferris client.

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Garito said...

If you share some libferris better documentation you'll see a lot of other projects builded with it

I would like to use it but seems difficult without a good documentation

What a pity!