Saturday, October 31, 2009

I give you the CLAW!

Clawmotia, an edje MythTV remote control.
Sources hot off the presses: clawmotia-0.0.1. You'll also notice the diablo binary for clawmotia on there so you don't need a scratchbox to get going. I put the clawmotia.edj up too so you don't even need to compile that if you don't wanna.

Dependencies on the device: Qt, qedje. You probably have most of the requirements for the latter installed if you have canola2 on the device. There are deb files for qedje on its web site. Qt is also packaged for the n810. I don't have debs for clawmotia yet, feel free to send the debian directory to do that.

You'll obviously need a MythTV server (and client) to use the remote. It uses the web interface to mythtv so you'll want that installed on the server machine too. The various configuration settings are passed in using environment variables in version 0.0.1. See the script for these settings. You will also need to be in the same directly as the .edj file when you start clawmotia as it expects that at this point. I install the script, binary and edj into /usr/local/bin on the device.

Setting CLAWMOTIA_FS=1 will start clawmotia full screen. There is a bug in version 0.0.1 where it will start but not be shown if started full screen. You have to switch to another app and back to clawmotia to see it. I was planning to fix this before release, but it seems some folks want to have a tinker with it so I'll fix that bug soon.

If you want to change the buttons or layout, you only need to edit the clawmotia.edc file. If you are good with the gimp, you might like to reate a theme at 800x480. As long as you use layers it should be a fairly mechanical process to create an edc file for your theme.

To make a button, define its image in the images section and call the three macros COMMAND_BUTTON, COMMAND_BUTTON_ICON, and COMMAND_PROGRAMS. COMMAND_BUTTON sets up the area of the screen that will react to your button with an optional text label for the button as arg2. COMMAND_BUTTON_ICON links a COMMAND_BUTTON with an image file. And COMMAND_PROGRAMS links a button with the exact, HTTP encoded string to send to the MythTV server. HTTP encoding doesn't effect single keys much, but Ctrl+w becomes Ctrl%2Bw. The first argument to all the three macros is the button name and should be the same for the same button. Taking a look at what is there and remembering to use all three macros to give (a) initial setup, (b) image file, (c) action should get you one the way.

You can update the theme by compiling it with edje_cc and copying it to the device. The application itself shouldn't need any changes.

Note that the bevel buttons are separate to the actual button function image. So if you like you can remote the button by setting 255 to 0 in the lines
color, 0 0 0 255
in the COMMAND_BUTTON definition in clawmotia.edc

I'll probably move to cmake or autofools at some point. If, on the odd case that there are many patches flowing in, then I'll throw the code into subversion somewhere.

The Rasterman has recommended cloning a few hardware remotes as themes. I'm not sure when I'll have the time for that but it should be interesting.

Oh yeah, and if you like this then you feel free to contribute toward a memory card or IR transmitter for my future tinkering. Or send any old n900's you have laying around ;) Hey... I can dream right?


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