Thursday, October 29, 2009

I want my MythTV: Clawmotia

I noticed that there are many packages which turn a maemo device into a remote control. Unfortunately, the MythTV ones I saw either didn't install or were not what I was looking for. Thus clawmotia was born yesterday.

I'm using edje for the interface and qedje to actually create the UI. The program logic uses Qt to talk to a MythTV server and send the commands to it. This relies on knowing there your server is, and what client you want to control which are both passed in as environment variables. Really simple stuff, but it works well.

You'll need the Web interface on the MythTV server machine too. The upshot is that you only need a wifi connection and you can control any MythTV client you want. No bluetooth or IR dongles needed.

As you can see, there are some nasty graphical artifacts on the buttons which I'm not sure if its the evas engine or something to do with qedje. The black parts on the buttons are not there on the desktop.

As it uses edje, you can create different themes and layouts, compile the edje on your desktop machine and just scp it to the device to change the layout and button functionality. Including cute little slide in and out panels for the more rarely used controls. Hopefully I can convince somebody with more artistic ability than me to do just that. Source will be released in the next few days.


lbt said...

I'm hoping there will be a stateful interface to MythTV that can interact with a frontend to show the operations that are relevant at that time.

Eg image buttons in image viewer, TV controls when watching TV, DVD controls, etc
Right now you can type any command at any time.

Good to see though.

Nb have you seen mythetomer

Erik said...

> Nb have you seen mythetomer

I have. It is essentially about as far along as clawmotia here.

Note, I would gladly have helped improve mythetomer. But the author did not release any code except for the server (which I did work up patches for).

Anyhow, clawmotia looks neat. Hope it gets to a release.