Thursday, March 22, 2012

Libferris on the N9: JSON, REST, QML, Index and Search, VFS all together

Continuing my n9 apps I now have an index search app that uses libferris. Currently I have only exposed URL regular expression search. This is searching an index maintained and stored in a PostgreSQL database. Solving regex query in a timely manner is a fairly complex problem with one useful solution outlined in one of my previous blog entries.

Note that data is downloaded over normal http(s) from the server using the n9 app, so no NFS or other network mounts are needed. This might be handy for grabbing a PDF, image or text file off an Intranet file server while on the move.

I have also been updating the clucene libferris module to allow more effective index use during regex/infix queries. This libferris engine works quite nicely on older ARM machines. Benchmarks on that to follow, once I reindex the arm and produce the comparative figures.

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