Sunday, October 14, 2012

Mini Xplus Hard Float

Since the A10 chip has floating point support in hardware, I thought I'd bring my "little machine" experience kicking and screaming into the 486DX era... After reading around I found a thread on Linaro 12.06 armhf and was soon up and running on the minix 1gb machine.

For an initial test I ran the following
time cjpeg -quality 90 img_01_l.pnm >| out.jpg
on a sample jpeg image from Nikon at

Three machines for cross comparison, an Intel 2600k, an kirkwood 2ghz running debian armel, and the Linaro hard float on the minix running an A10 at 1ghz.

0m0.097s 2600K
0m1.236s 1ghz A10 MiniX HF
0m3.250s 2ghz kirkwood armel

So you can see a clear advantage for the hardfloat; a chip at twice the clock rate needs 2.6x the time to perform the same process.

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