Friday, October 12, 2012

Mini Xplus

So I got to tinker with one of the miniand Xplus devices. About $100 lands you an A10 with 1gb of RAM and a HDMI output. Comes with android 4 and is very easy to get to run Fedora 17.

Under android this thing ranges down to 2 watts with wifi up, around 3 under moderate use and 4 watts with a reasonable browser load put on it (mjpeg streaming to firefox). All with wifi up.

My growing little "openssl speed" comparison now has another value point. For ciphers this A10 does about as well as an n9. For md5 shown below, it is the best cat in the camp by a good way:
The next tests will be the floating point and simd stuff, which is why I'm interested in the chip. One little discovery, the wifi seems to be very short range, the nexus 7 is happy to connect to one of my APs but I get the minix dropping the connection all the time to that AP from the same room. Don't let the cute aerial fool you it seems.

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monkeyiq said...

oh yeah, it runs at 4 watts during the openssl speed run too.