Saturday, June 18, 2011

Libferris for Fedora 15

My openSUSE Build Service project now has rpm files for Fedora 15 for the libferris chain including gevas and the ego file manager. This includes the recently mentioned updates to postgresql indexing allowing for indexed resolution of some regex queries (2ms query time on 200+k files).

During the updates, I found the normal little things such as gcc being more selective about what it likes to compile and treated these cases. The main glitch I found was in the @F15/../gtk/gtkmain.h header there is a prototype which takes a "GModule *module" argument. This means I had to include gmodule.h before gtk.h to get that type in scope otherwise things failed to compile.

The Fedora 15 packages have support for printing with Qt, so one can echo foo > printer://default/ or "cp" an image to the printer. Scanning support will pop up in a future build once the few tiny changes to ksane I sent in trickle through to the shipped KDE release in Fedora.

Perhaps soon I'll make Phonon available as a filesystem too so one can cp an ogg file to sound://default to play it. Seeking will be interesting, as it's not normally a common case to start copying a file at a given offset. But that smells like a seek during playback to me. I'm looking forward to making a QML audio player, with index-search and playback already filesystems the heavy lifting will have already been done :)