Sunday, January 3, 2021

New home for the Astrolabe, pocket day calc, and coin of sentimental value

 I turned a slice of a tree trunk into a matching pair of holders for sentimental objects over the break. This has a few coats of polyurethane and deeper coating on the bark. Having some layers on the bark takes away the sharper edges for you. I need to measure the thickness of the poly on the front and inside the pockets as it is certainly measurable. What was a nice fit without finish becomes a rather tight fit with the poly.


Behind the two instruments is the key chain which is tucked away into a deeper pocket. The pockets at the side of each object are to allow fingers to free the object for inspection or frustrating use in the case of the astrolabe.

I was going to go down the well trodden path of making a small coffee table top from the timber but I like this idea as it frees these objects from their boxes and the darker red timber really compliments the objects embedded within it.