Saturday, July 27, 2013

The new google://drive/ URL!

The very short story: libferris can now mount Google Drive as a filesystem. I've placed that in google://drive and will likely make an alias from gdrive:// to that same location so either will work.

The new OAuth 2.0 standard is so much easier to use than the old 1.0 version. In short, after being identified and given the nod once by the user, in 2.0 you have to supply a single secret, in 1.x you have to use per message nonce, create hashes, send the key and token, etc. The main drawback of 2.0 is that you have to use TLS/SSL for each request to protect that single auth token. A small price to pay, as you might well want to protect the entire conversation if you are doing things that require authentication anyway.

A few caveats of the current implementation: mime types on uploaded files are based on file name sniffing. That is because the upload you might be using cp foo.jpg google://drive and the filesystem copies the bytes over. But GDrive needs to know the mimetype for that new File at creation time. The GDrive PATCH method doesn't seem to let you change the mimetype of a file after it has been sent. A better solution will involve the cp code prenotifying the target location so that some metadata (mimetype) can be prefetched form the source file if desired. That would allow full byte sniffing to be used.

Speaking of PATCH, if you change metadata using it, you always get back a 200 response. No matter what. Luckily you also get back a JSON file string with all the metadata for the file you have (tried to) updated. So I've made my PATCH caller code to ignore the HTTP response code compare the returned file JSON to see if the changes actually stuck or not. If a value isn't set how it is expected my PATCH returns an exception. This is in contrast to the docs for the PATCH method which claims that the file JSON is only returned "if successful".

Oh yeah, one other tiny thing about PATCH. If you patch the description it didn't show up in Firefox for me until I refreshed the page. Changing the title does update the Firefox UI automatically. I guess the sidepanel for description hasn't got the funky web notification love yet.

There are two ways I found to read a directory, using files/list and children/list. Unfortunately the later, while returning only the direct children of a folder, also only returns a few pieces of information for those children the most interesting being the child's id. On the other hand the files/list gives you almost all the metadata for each returned File. So on a slower link, one doesn't need thinking music to work out if one round trip or two are the desired number. The files/list also returns metadata for files that have been deleted, and files which other's have shared with you. It is easy to set a query "hidden = false and trashed = false" for files/list to not return those dead files. Filtering on the server exclusively for files that you own is harder. There is a query alias sharedWithMe but no OwnedByMe to return the counter set. I guess perhaps "not sharedWithMe" would == OwnedByMe.

Currently I sort of ignore the directory hierarchy that files/list returns. So all your drive files are just in google://drive/ instead of subdirs as appropriate. I might leave that restriction in the first release. It's not hard to remove, but I've been focusing on upload, download, and metadata change.

Creating files, updating metadata, and downloading files from GDrive all work and will be available in the next libferris release. I have one other issue to cleanup (rate limiting directory read) before I do the first libferris release with gdrive mounting.

Oh and big trap #2 for the young players. To actually *use* libferris on gdrive after you have done the OAuth 2.0 "yep, libferris can have access" you have to go to and enable drive API for your account otherwise you get access denied errors for all. And once you goto the console and do that, you'll have to OAuth again to get a valid token.

A huge thank you for those two contributed to the ferris fund raising after my last post proposing mounting Google Drive!

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